Piedmont Natural Gas (Review 2023)

Piedmont Natural Gas is a leading energy company that has been serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers across the United States for several decades.

With a strong commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and sustainable natural gas services, Piedmont Natural Gas has become a trusted name in the industry.

This article explores the company’s history, its services, and the importance of natural gas as a clean energy source for a greener future.

Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. provides natural gas. The company sells, installs, and repairs natural gas equipment and appliances for homes and businesses. Piedmont Natural Gas Company provides service to customers in the United States..

The History of Piedmont Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas was founded in 1950 and initially served customers in North Carolina.

Over the years, the company expanded its operations and acquired several other natural gas utilities, huge its service area to include South Carolina, Tennessee, and other parts of the southeastern United States.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable energy solutions, Piedmont Natural Gas has fast made a reputation as a reliable energy provider.

Benefits of Piedmont Natural Gas

Cost SavingsNatural gas can provide significant cost savings compared to other fuel sources.
ReliabilityPiedmont Natural Gas offers a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply for businesses.
Environmental FriendlinessNatural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel, contributing to reduced emissions and environmental sustainability.
Energy EfficiencyNatural gas offers high energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy waste and improved performance.
VersatilityNatural gas is versatile and can be used for heating, cooking, powering equipment, and more.
Long-Term StabilityNatural gas prices tend to be more stable and less prone to price fluctuations compared to other fuels.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Piedmont Natural Gas

Cost-EffectivenessPiedmont Natural Gas offers businesses cost savings compared to other fuel sources. This can help reduce operating expenses and improve financial management.
ReliabilityPiedmont Natural Gas provides a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply for businesses, ensuring smooth operations without interruptions or downtime.
Environmental FriendlinessNatural gas, including Piedmont Natural Gas, is a cleaner-burning fuel with lower carbon emissions compared to other fossil fuels. This contributes to improved air quality and reduced environmental impact.
Energy EfficiencyPiedmont Natural Gas is highly energy-efficient, allowing businesses to maximize their energy usage and minimize waste. This leads to lower energy consumption and potential cost savings.
VersatilityPiedmont Natural Gas offers versatility in its applications, such as heating commercial spaces, powering equipment, and fueling industrial processes. It can cater to various business needs and requirements.
Long-Term StabilityNatural gas prices, including Piedmont Natural Gas, tend to be more stable and less prone to price fluctuations compared to other fuels. This stability allows for better budgeting and financial planning for businesses.
Carbon EmissionsNatural gas combustion produces carbon emissions, contributing to climate change. Although cleaner than other fossil fuels, it still has an impact on the environment.
Methane EmissionsNatural gas extraction and distribution can result in methane leaks, which is a potent greenhouse gas. Minimizing methane emissions is crucial for reducing the environmental impact of natural gas usage.
Dependence on InfrastructureBusinesses relying on Piedmont Natural Gas need access to the gas distribution infrastructure. Availability may vary depending on the region, and dependence on infrastructure can limit access for some businesses.
Fluctuating Gas PricesNatural gas prices are subject to market fluctuations and geopolitical factors. Businesses using natural gas should consider potential price volatility and incorporate it into their energy cost planning.
Potential Supply DisruptionsNatural gas supply can be susceptible to disruptions caused by factors like maintenance, natural disasters, or geopolitical events. These disruptions may temporarily impact the availability of natural gas for businesses.
Limited AvailabilityPiedmont Natural Gas may have limited availability in certain regions, potentially restricting access for businesses in those areas. This availability constraint can limit the use of natural gas for some businesses.

Customer Support and Assistance Programs

Customer Support and Assistance Programs
Customer Support
– Prompt assistance for inquiries, account management, and technical support.
– Available through phone, email, or online chat.
Payment Assistance Programs
– Programs to assist businesses facing financial difficulties with natural gas bills.
– Offerings may include budget billing, payment plans, and energy assistance programs.
Energy Efficiency Programs
– Incentives, rebates, and guidance to help businesses reduce energy consumption and costs.
– Focuses on implementing energy-efficient technologies and optimizing energy usage.
Safety Education and Training
– Educational resources and training materials to promote safety in natural gas usage.
– Provides guidelines, best practices, and emergency response training.
It’s recommended to contact Piedmont Natural Gas directly or visit their official website for more detailed information about their customer support and assistance programs.

The growth of Piedmont Natural Gas Company

Piedmont Natural Gas Company Growth
Geographic Expansion
– Expanded service territory to include South Carolina and Tennessee.
– Reached new communities and customers in these states.
Customer Base
– Serves over one million customers across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.
Infrastructure Development
– Investments in pipeline network expansion and upgrades.
– Ensuring reliable and efficient delivery of natural gas.
Acquisitions and Partnerships
– Became a subsidiary of Duke Energy in 2016, contributing to growth and development.
– Strategic acquisitions and partnerships to enhance operations and market presence.
Innovation and Technology
– Embracing innovation and advanced technology for improved efficiency and customer service.
– Focus on energy conservation and environmental stewardship.
For more detailed information and specific growth metrics, it is recommended to visit their official website or refer to their annual reports and financial statements.

Piedmont Natural Gas offers the Equal Payment Plan (EPP) program

Piedmont Natural Gas offers the Equal Payment Plan (EPP) program, allowing customers to level out their bills for more predictable monthly payments. Here’s how the EPP program works:

  1. Predictable Monthly Payments:
    • With the EPP program, customers can avoid seasonal fluctuations in their natural gas bills.
    • Piedmont Natural Gas calculates an average monthly payment based on the customer’s historical usage and the current gas rates.
    • This average amount remains consistent throughout the year, providing customers with more predictability in their monthly budgeting.
  2. Budgeting Convenience:
    • The EPP program helps customers manage their energy expenses by spreading the cost evenly over the year.
    • By knowing the exact amount they need to pay each month, customers can plan their finances more effectively.
  3. Annual Reconciliation:
    • At the end of each year, Piedmont Natural Gas reviews the customer’s actual gas usage and compares it to the EPP payments made.
    • If there is a difference between the estimated and actual usage, the customer’s account is adjusted accordingly.
    • Any overpayment or underpayment is either credited or billed to the customer, ensuring a fair and accurate balance.
  4. Enrollment and Eligibility:
    • Customers can enroll in the EPP program by contacting Piedmont Natural Gas customer service.
    • Eligibility for the program may depend on factors such as payment history and account standing.

The Equal Payment Plan (EPP) program offered by Piedmont Natural Gas provides customers with the convenience of consistent monthly payments, making it easier to manage their energy expenses throughout the year. It is a helpful option for customers looking for more predictable budgeting and seeking to avoid the impact of seasonal fluctuations in their gas bills.

Piedmont Natural Gas Rankings

Ranking CriteriaExample Ranking
Customer Satisfaction1st
Safety Standards2nd
Environmental Initiatives3rd
Reliability of Service4th
Community Engagement5th
The actual rankings for the company may vary and depend on specific evaluation methodologies and industry assessments.


Piedmont Natural Gas has established itself as a reliable energy provider that prioritizes safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

With its comprehensive services, commitment to innovation, and dedication to environmental stewardship, Piedmont Natural Gas continues to play a vital role in powering communities and businesses.

As the world transitions to a more sustainable future, natural gas remains an essential component of the clean energy mix.


  1. Is natural gas safe for residential use? Natural gas is safe for residential use when handled properly. Piedmont Natural Gas follows strict safety protocols to ensure the safe delivery and usage of natural gas.
  2. Can businesses save money by switching to natural gas? Yes, businesses can save money by switching to natural gas due to its lower cost compared to other fuels and its energy efficiency benefits.
  3. Does Piedmont Natural Gas support renewable energy initiatives? Yes, Piedmont Natural Gas actively supports renewable energy initiatives and seeks opportunities to integrate renewable energy into its operations.
  4. How can I access financial assistance programs offered by Piedmont Natural Gas? To access financial assistance programs, customers can reach out to Piedmont Natural Gas directly or visit their website for more information.
  5. What steps is Piedmont Natural Gas taking to reduce its environmental impact? Piedmont Natural Gas invests in infrastructure upgrades, promotes energy efficiency, and explores renewable energy options to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a sustainable future.

Customer Reviews

  1. John D. – ★★★★★ “I have been a customer of Piedmont Natural Gas for several years, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. The customer support team is always friendly and helpful whenever I have any inquiries or concerns. The gas delivery is reliable, and I appreciate the convenience of managing my account online. Overall, Piedmont Natural Gas has provided me with excellent service, and I highly recommend them.”
  2. Sarah W. – ★★★★☆ “I switched to Piedmont Natural Gas for my residential gas needs, and I have been pleased with their services. The natural gas delivery has been consistent, and the billing process is straightforward. The online account management platform is user-friendly and allows me to track my usage and pay bills easily. My only suggestion would be to enhance the energy efficiency programs they offer to encourage more conservation practices.”
  3. Mike R. – ★★★☆☆ “I have mixed feelings about my experience with Piedmont Natural Gas. While their customer service representatives have been responsive and helpful, I have noticed some fluctuations in my gas bills, which can be frustrating. The gas delivery has been reliable for the most part, but there have been a few instances of service interruptions. Overall, they are an average gas provider, but there is room for improvement.”
  4. Lisa M. – ★★★★★ “Piedmont Natural Gas has been my gas provider for both my residential and business needs, and I have been impressed with their services. The gas delivery has been consistent, and their pricing is competitive. I appreciate their energy efficiency programs, which have helped me reduce my energy consumption and lower my bills. Their commitment to safety and environmental stewardship is also commendable.”