Wood Burning Pollution & Control Harmful Wood Smoke

Family and friends sitting with us. Firepit creates some problems of smoke like burning in eyes and somehow the smoke gets into our body. If there is a problem with asthma then there is no need to sit too much near the pit. Woods smoke combines a mixture of many particles and gases.

Wood burning pollution

Wood pollution smoke is now extensively documented in so many scientific studies. The pollution is caused by burning wood has been linked to a number of health problems.

Wood-burning pollution increase with air levels, scientists have found that there is a number of level of pollution that is dangerous and have health effects.

When people burn wood on cold days, the problem is made worse as weather conditions create temperature fluctuations that put a lid on the lower atmosphere, trapping dangerous pollutants closer to ground level.

Health Issue

Firewood may be the oldest way of generating heat for mankind and it certainly creates a good atmosphere in the home. But it has a negative aspect. Wood smoke contains toxic carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide generating fumes, soot, fine particles. Many other chemicals and gases can cause or worsen serious health problems, especially in children, pregnant women, and people with breathing difficulties.

Rate of lung inflammation, shortness of breath, pneumonia, and other respiratory diseases. The US Environmental Protection Agency warns that people with congestive heart failure, angina, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, or asthma should avoid wood smoke if possible. Fire smoke is also bad for the outdoor environment, contributing to smog, acid rain, and other problems.

Campfires are harmful to the environment

Campfires are a source of air pollution. Burning wood pollutes the air by releasing large compounds of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and other potentially toxic volatile organic compounds, in particular, carbon dioxide is the number one greenhouse gas, which is responsible for global climate change.

Campfire pollution is a real problem as it affects both humans and the environment. These chemicals can result in eye, nose, and throat irritation, dizziness, headache, nausea, and worsening of asthma symptoms.

wood ash particle

Ash particles, liquid droplets, and partially consumed fuel are released, as well as the above invisible gases. They affect the quality of the air in an area. Such pollution, especially in relation to smoke, can be so severe that it affects visibility, resulting in injuries.

Scientific studies have shown that indoor particulate pollution levels reach up to 70% of outdoor pollution levels.

Control Harmful wood Smoke

Take easy steps to reduce the amount of smoke coming out of your fire pit. Use good wood, have you put your wood in a dry place, in which the fire is burning, the fire pit is dry.

We don’t need to burn wood that is still wet because they produce the most smoke and green leaves also produce a lot of smoke for a firepit. We also have to stay away from things that emit a lot of black smoke from paints and laminates, creosote soaked, pressure, chemicals, posters, plastics, clothes, and things made of tires. This can spoil the environment and our health as well.

End of the night put out your fire completely

But it is also a terrible fire hazard because embers that do not drain properly can seep through the fire pit and into a nearby tree or structure, causing it to burn. This can cause unwanted damage to your property or the property of people living near you. Extinguish your fire liberally with water, stir the ashes, then pour water over them again.

Wood smoke particles contain diseases

If we are sitting near our firepit then there can be a problem of burning in the eyes and its smoke goes inside our body. It can also make us sick. If we have an asthma problem then We don’t have to sit too close to the firepit. Wood smoke contains a lot of particles mixture of gases.

Particles of smoke from fire pits cause deadly diseases. If by mistake it inhales too much smoke inside our body, there may be chances of developing diseases like lung diseases.

How polluting is burning wood

We don’t need to fire logwoods that are still wet because they make the most of smoke and grassy leaves and greeny also produce a lot of smoke for a firepit. We also have to stay away from things that are painted and laminated, creosote soaked, pressure, chemicals, posters, plastics, clothes, and tires, this stuff produces a lot of black smoke. This can harm the environment and our health too.

Burning materials such as leaves, fresh grass clippings, weeds, and dustbins should be avoided to reduce smoke. Stick with only dry tinder, kindling, and burning wood to keep the fumes to a minimum. You can invest in an ax for burning with your existing firewood. This will help reduce the need to potentially burn the smoke-producing material.

How to identify wood is dry or wet

Even if you are using wood in an outdoor fire pit, you should look for wood that is also suitable for indoor use, as this wood will not smoke, or will smoke very little. When comparing green wood to dry wood, there are a few key characteristics that differ between them.

Light color and weight for its size, loose bark, Cracks, lack of aroma, When two pieces stick together, the sound of ‘hollow cracking’ is heard.


An asthma problem then no need to sit too close to the pit. Wood smoke combines many particles and a mix of gases.
Arsenic on cancer of the bladder, skin, lung, liver, and kidney. Almost all women are most at risk of lung cancer because of indoor air pollution.

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